8 methods to gain more than one positions on 1st page of Google

8 methods to gain more than one positions on 1st page of Google

Annzo Corporation: Google is the number one searched engines on internet and there is no doubt that being Google friendly can bring more online traffic then you possibly can imagine. Websites compete with each other in order to rank better on Google SERPs and especially on the first two pages of Google because research has shown that online surfers do not pass more than two pages online.  Another main thing about Google is no one is aware of how the algorithm of Google actually works but with the years of research and with Google help SEO experts has set up some uniformed ways or tactics for bring up your website on the first pages of Google. Just making a simple plain old website won’t help you anyways because Google always pick out that website that are more popular, more productive quality wise and are in demand related to market. The best thing about Google is that it has a lot to give you to Local Businesses especially when local business owners have only minimum amount of budget to spend on promoting their businesses. Google keeps updated their search engines so more qualitative websites can come forward and gain that online success. Such as panda or Penguin update which was made specifically to pull spammy and risky websites. Here are eight methods of how you can bring your business name on the 1st pages of Google SERPs:

8 methods to gain more than one positions on 1st page of Google annzo corporation

  1. Sign up with all Google resources specially Google local business listings and Google maps. Because it has a whole different identity online and if you don’t have a specific website, you don’t need one either to sign up with Google local business listings.
  2. Google maps listings also requires some intelligent geo targeted keywords that need to be plug in, in order for your potential customer to find your services. The other way is to categorize with the perfect association that entirely relates to your business services. There are also choices of choosing sub categories which can relate to your services. Google maps listings if updated and consistently checked can show up your business services on the first page of Google.
  3. The other way is to sign up on all social engines such as Facebook, twitter or LinkedIn etc. because any “active” profiles on these social engines also shows up on the first pages of Google.
  4. Another way is to keep your website active and there are so many factors that play main role in pushing up your website such as niche keywords, Metatags or hyperlinks.
  5. Not forgetting the quality of website also plays a main role in bringing up your site as well as providing good service to your online potential consumers. Perfect layout to proper quality content is also important. Content is the base of every online campaign and is the base of convincing or proving your expertise.
  6. Images options on Google also direct online surfers to potential website so keeping a balance amount of images on “regular” basis to your local SEO resources can help in achieving that stance as well.
  7. If you have noticed Videos from YouTube also started to be shown on the top of first pages of Google and you can take advantage of that as well by giving a video services on active video sites such as you tube.
  8. Last but not the least, if you are still facing difficulty in bringing your website on the first pages of Google then call us today at Annzo Corporation and our experts would take care of all your hassle.
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