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Annzo Corporation: Search Engine Optimization is a very broad field of marketing where so many ways of bringing up your business ranking as well as targeting your potential customer comes through.  No matter you are blogging or building up your social network in a more personalized way all that goes under the process of internet marketing. Search engine optimization can generally be very helpful for local business around to capture the customers around them. It actually happens so many times when your business in located in some close residential area near by a big shopping area. A lot people within your vicinity are unaware of your existence and hence go to that bigger shopping area around you. There can be many reasons for that particularly as of today’s date almost 80% of people use Google Maps Listings or Google local business listings in order to locate a “local” business around their residence for quicker service. If just for instance your business is not claimed on Google local business listings then it won’t appear in the list even though for that particular customer it’s much more preferable. But this particular article is questioning why image optimization is needed and exactly how it can be done?

Image optimization has many forms and just as your listings plays the role in making your customers reach you, image optimization has same target. A lot of SEO Companies focus more on keywords and metatags etc. but they tend to forget the small particular things that can contribute in building up a strong stance for your business. While you may not care about whether your site ranks well under image search, the advent of Blended Search (which Google calls “Universal Search”) has meant that pictures often have the chance to rank on the main search results page. Even before Google, Bing, and Yahoo! had really pushed Blended Search results, well-optimized images were already a major component for helping webpages to rank well in keyword search results. Also if you have picture uploaded on your local business listings on any search engine such as Google local business listings or Google maps listings then there are more chances for your business to get prioritized by your potential consumer. website that contain more graphics and actual pictures are more likely to show up higher in all search engines and also preferred by potential consumers because it proves their authenticity.

Image Optimization

Use some photo to represent your business on your website and that particular image can be on your homepage, contact page or about us page. But it should be the one that can represent your business every as you use you main official logo. You can actually use your keywords in your image description as well, Annzo Corporation SEO Company are very careful when it comes to correct formation of keywords as there is limitation of their usage in a limited amount of content. What our experts suggest is to format your image description in a way that it relates to your keywords such as you own a dentist clinic in suburbs of New York and you would want to put an image of your building or center on your website so you should preferable put it as (Brighter clinic-Suburb-New York.JPG) for all of your images that you plug into your website. Like this you have intelligently use your keyword in something more resourceful.



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