Best Keyword Density for Panda Algorithm

Best Keyword Density for Panda Algorithm

Annzo Corporation: When it comes to finding what keywords plays major role in bringing out your website to the front page of your potential customer, it can be very tricky and complicated.  Annzo Corporation is on the lead for making out the most useful keywords in terms of helping their clients in integrating them. With the update of Panda or Penguin on Google, algorithm has shifted its stance and cause a lot of SEOs trouble in out they will allocate this problem. Recently Google has launched Panda update in January 2013 which has caused a lot of website lose their first page ranking. Google panda algorithm is simple; if you don’t have quality content on your website then you will be hit by the Panda update. Coming out of this recovery is not an easy task and SEO Companies has to provide their full time hours in terms of making that stance back for affected website. We have to figure out then what is the solution of saving your website being hit and what exactly quality content relates to?

Some websites go aimless in putting in their keywords and their content simply does not make any sense. Keywords should be geo targeted as well as provided quality information to your online potential consumers. Keyword density on your website really matters but Google will never release this information on what exactly is the keyword density that plays major role in bring up your website. As SEO experts has searched Google algorithm behavior a perfect keyword density is max 2% – 3%. If you have keywords in a web page more than this percentage then there are 100% chances that you will be caught by algorithms and will get penalties for doing keyword stuffing in a web page.Here are five simple tools in terms of keyword density to follow:

Best Keyword Density for Panda Algorithm annzo corporation

  1. In order to improve the quality of your keyword density you need to keep your content original. It’s one of the most emphasized aspects in terms of Local search engine optimization. Originality plays a major role in improving the quality of your content.
  2. Try to use keywords only 2-3 times in 100 words content because you have to keep it balanced and well formulized.
  3. If your article requires more keyword then make sure it should not look like a fake written article and should be focused on topic only.
  4. Google can give penalty to your website if its too over crowded with keywords for getting your content noticed on SERPs. It’s more like a black hat SEO techniques which is absolutely not Google friendly and hated by Panda update.
  5. Get your website check by a good SEO Company such as Annzo Corporation who can take care of the perfect keywords density for you and save your website in getting hit by Panda or similar updates on Google search engine.
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