Build Your Content Strategy in 3 Phases

Build Your Content Strategy in 3 Phases annzo corporation

Annzo Corporation: When it comes to online marketing, content carries utmost importance because this helps you learn about a specific website strategy, their goals and targets. Annzo Corporation, SEO Company helps you recognize the various ways to seek your desired information online. You write a content to inform the reader, to promote or to sell the company products or services as per requirement of the website. Content strategy helps you to form your idea step by step which makes it easier and much more comfortable to convey the message to the reader. We use content in everywhere, as such newsletter, websites, sales/marketing letters and thank you letters as well. It is used in our daily life routine, any social media such as facebook, twitter, blogs, Google+, YouTube, MySpace and many more. People usually find it difficult to read and get the main point of the content. So to attract the reader to be read as much as you desire Annzo Corporation makes it easier for you by a “Content Strategy” to write it in a simpler and easier way.

How to create a content strategy:

It will be equally distributed into three phases. Why three phases? This will make you write the content more conveniently. On the top of your thoughts you should always know that whatever you are writing is to attract the reader and to engage the visitor to stay on the website as long as possible, this will bring an increase in the likelihood of the website and they will be willing to visit it again and again. The content strategy is to make sure you write in a way where customer or clients become friendlier with the website.

Build Your Content Strategy in 3 Phases annzo corp

Phase 1- Organize

Organize yourself in a manner; maintain a goal which is attainable. Question yourself that where, when and how would you write the content.


You need a specific time where you mind is not mixed with any other thoughts; your mind is free of other activities. Fix a specific time of your day where you give total attention to content’s main idea. Time plays a big role in one’s life, if time is manageable then you are able to attain your goals without any hassles.


List the areas where you would want to supply your content as such Facebook, twitter or Annzo Corporation SEO Company in a more effective manner.


How often are you going to post the content? Organize yourself according to the When, where and how. This will bring you into a practice of writing in a more appealing way. You write in a way which is beneficial and useful for the reader.

Phase 2: Generate Ideas

Catch the main idea of the content and brainstorm the idea which comes to your mind by thinking of the specific word of the main idea. Write down the different points which pop in your mind and then select the suitable ones for your writing which are attractive and convincing as a reader. Try some exercises such as mind mapping, web Analytics, stories etc. if this doesn’t work do not hesitate to hit a search on Google, but make sure to get the main point out of it. Any social media could be helpful as well, such as blogs, Google alerts, social mentions, and forum discussions.

Phase 3: Asking Questions

Ask questions to yourself about the content main idea. The Annzo Corporation helps you find out different directions of search engine. Ask yourself what a reader would like to search for. Act as a consumer while writing the content that what would the consumer like to read and search for if a Content Strategy word pops up in his or her head. Keep your strategy clear and simpler to yourself and that’s how it will appear to the visitor. Your collected data and ideas which are transformed in a written content are useful and beneficial to the reader visiting the website. It’s uncomplicated, the more you follow the Content Strategy the more easily it gets for you and for the reader.

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