Link Building Strategy 2013

Link Building Strategy 2013 annzo corp

Annzo Corporation: With the Google updates that occurred in a most surprising fashion had many pros to it and it actually helped a lot of SEO Companies see how to work on SEO strategies more clearly and effectively. Because of Panda and penguin updates optimization has been become a bit more challenging due to obvious reasons that internet marketing is on demand. Link building is a process of linking your website or citation to some verified site that can locate that link back to your business site. Backlinks are very important part of every successful search engine optimization planning because it really shifts your potential to rank higher on SERPs. Here are some few effective ways of building successful backlinks:

  • Guest Posts: Guest posts are very easily handled and are one of the most top contributors for building up good backlinks for websites. What needs to be taken care in this matter is where you postings are your comments and links. You should make sure that the site you are thinking of posting is verified and more engaged. Having posted guest post on some blacklisted website can affect your website ranking as well. With the help of guest posting you can also maximize the potentiality of socializing and creating more awareness for the products and services you have to offer.

Link Building Strategy 2013

  • Info graphics: this is a very smart and a clever technique which is highly beneficial in terms of creating a good backlink for your site. And the most amazing thing about info graphic is that they are being shared for instance if there is an image with some very unique and interesting information then with the magic of social engines such as facebook it will be move around through the globe just  a single option called sharing. To determine whether or not your info graphic meets these criteria, ask yourself the simple question, “Would I share this with a friend?” If you can’t answer “Yes” to this question, chances are your info graphic could use some tweaking before it’s released.


  • Emails!! Old is gold but still works as a good backlink resource, a lot of people tend to hesitate by checking products and services through emails but still they are helpful in creating 1/10 percent of awareness. Another part of emailing is in which you email potential linking websites and request that your link be placed on a relevant page of content. For example, if you run a local restaurant and encounter a website that lists all the small businesses in your area, emailing the owner of the site and requesting that a link to your business website is a way to generate new, valuable links.
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